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The Strategic Financial Alliance

When you choose to work with Sherpa Financial Advisors, you not only have the knowledge and experience that our professional team provides but you also have the support of a larger team of people through our relationship with The Strategic Financial Alliance (SFA).

Sherpa Financial Advisors has been part of The Strategic Financial Alliance (SFA) since 2003.  Through our relationship with SFA we belong to a nationwide community of independent advisors who collaborate together to share ideas, brainstorm solutions and learn from each other.  By working together with other independent advisors, we are able to better serve our clients through shared knowledge, experiences and resources.

The SFA organization also provides our office support in all areas of practice management. We have access to a variety of tools and resources that help support our clients’ goals.  One way that they do this is by conducting due diligence of potential investment opportunities, so we are able to continually identify and offer new alternatives for our clients.  SFA also provides compliance resources for our communication and investment implementation.  In addition, SFA provides Sherpa Financial Advisors the opportunity for continuing education seminars and trainings to help our office continue to grow and respond to the needs of our clients in the always evolving financial marketplace. 

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