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A Tale of Two Models

Sherpa Financial Advisors is an independent financial firm because we begin with our clients at the top, not products or services that need to be sold.  The following video and graph provide a visual overview of how this will impact your experience with us as a client.

There are two approaches with how guidance and solutions can be directed to clients – the Traditional Model and Independent Model.  One of the primary differences between the two models is who and how decisions are being driven.  Here is a brief overview of both models:

At Sherpa Financial Advisors, we begin with our clients at the top.  Through our disciplined and consultative wealth management process, we work collaboratively with other professional advisors - including attorneys, CPAs and insurance specialists - to address a broad range of challenges and opportunities unique to your family. 

The suggested solutions should only be used as a starting point for a client and Sherpa Financial Advisors to further explore with the client's personal team of professional advisors.


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