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What Purchases Should You Discuss With Your Advisor?

What Purchases Should You Discuss With Your Advisor?

July 11, 2023

"Mike, I'm at one of those time share presentations right now and need to talk through this with you before I make a decision".  Is this the type of call that you would expect a financial advisor to receive from a client?  It is exactly the type of phone call that I encourage clients to make or would encourage anyone to make to their financial advisor.  Only a few clients actually take me up on this suggestion but as their financial advisor, it only makes sense to talk through big purchases with an unbiased source before making a commitment, especially to discuss the financial implications.  

A few months ago I had a client call me from a car lot as they were debating on whether or not to purchase a vehicle.  We were able to talk through the various financing options and how they would impact his short and long term goals both positively and negatively.  He got off the phone feeling more financially confident about his plan moving forward.

And just in case you're wondering, my advice to the time share client wasn't "don't do it".  We talked through the pros and cons plus we discussed his priorities (one of which was to travel more).  It helped him to feel more educated and confident about making a decision.