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Client Spotlight - Sean & Dana

Client Spotlight - Sean & Dana

November 29, 2023

Each quarter we showcase one of our clients to share how they are making a difference with their lives!  We love hearing stories about the various ways our clients are giving back with their time and finances.  We hope these inspire all of us to consider what we can do to make a positive impact in our world.

Client Overview

Sean & Dana are in their 40s with three teenagers. Sean is an executive and the couple own multiple rental properties. They like to travel so plan a lot of trips with friends and family.

Impact Overview

Both Sean and Dana have parents that are or were Christian missionaries so financially supporting people and organizations that are serving those in spiritual and physical poverty overseas has been something that they are both personally connected to and passionate about. They have given both their time and financial resources to support local and global missionaries as well as sponsor children through Food for the Hungry (FH).

How Did They Start

First, they created a savings account for giving so they could easily access funds when they heard about needs. They began small by supporting just one missionary and sponsoring just one child. Then as time went on and more needs arose they were able to help more because of the savings account they had started and continued to add to over the years.

Who Have They Impacted

In addition to financially supporting individual missionary couples, Sean and Dana are sponsoring three children through Food for the Hungry. They love the FH mission of empowering the local community. Besides supporting FH financially, Sean and two of his children were able to travel to Guatemala through FH and help run a camp for the children, encourage the local pastors and meet their sponsor children.

Favorite Memory

Sean loved going to Guatemala and meeting the people that they were supporting and seeing all of the work that was happening in the village through FH. He especially remembers he and his two children hiking to a remote hilltop and through corn fields to get to a ramshackle home where one of their sponsor children lived. It had dirt floors and no running water or electricity but the joy that was evident on the faces of their child and her family upon their meeting has left an indelible memory.