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Client Spotlight - Barbara & Habitat for Humanity

Client Spotlight - Barbara & Habitat for Humanity

February 22, 2024

This quarter we are highlighting our client Barbara and her work with Habitat for Humanity!  Read on to discover which President of the United States she had the privilege of volunteering with one summer.

Client Overview

Barbara is in her early 70s and is single with no children.She retired from her position as a school principal nine years ago.She lives in Southern California but spends a lot of time in Arizona with her partner where she has a second home.She loves to travel and recently returned from an African safari.

Impact Overview

Barb passionately believes that everyone deserves a decent place to live, to not live in subhuman dwellings. Former President, Jimmy Carter, so believed in that principle, that he enthusiastically supported Habitat For Humanity. He was a huge part of the fundraising during its' inception. A highly-religious man, he saw it as his duty to help "God's people in need."Barb has embraced this vision and has been involved with Habitat for Humanity for many years.

Who Has She Impacted

Barb has participated in many Habitat builds, and always returns to her own home full of gratitude knowing personally the pride of home-ownership.

The benefits of Habitat for Humanity are universal and long-standing. Citizens have permanency and can contribute to the community. Further, companies such as Lowe's and Bank of America encourage their employees to volunteer, thus instilling a spirit of giving.

One aspect of Habitat that is compelling to Barb is that there are requirements for gaining home-ownership so it is not just a “free hand out”.To qualify a family must:

  • fill out an application
  • have a job in order to make payments
  • take coursework to learn how to maintain a home
  • repay in sweat equity hours, which means work on another home.

Favorite Memory

Barb had the opportunity to do builds with Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter. One summer, it was hot and humid in the afternoon and she was ready to quit early. She looked up and saw Rosalynn and Jimmy, both over 80 at the time, caulking a window, enduring and involved. She was encouraged by their actions and it stopped her urge to whine.

The end of the week seemed to be Rosalynn's favorite time. They stood in front of the newly-built home and she handed the homeowners a Bible, offering prayers for a stronger future.

Barb’s favorite part of that particular build was counseling the daughter, a high-school dropout, to go back to school. They kept in contact and the daughter followed through with her promise.