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As We Head Into 2013

December 2012

As I prepare for the holidays, it's hard to ignore current events and personal pains that each of us might be experiencing. May you be reminded of God's love for you and the joy he offers as we gather and celebrate the spirit of Christmas throughout the holidays and the new year.

Beyond Finances

While money is just one aspect of life, it does seem to penetrate into many areas - meeting daily needs, reaching goals, relationships and helping others to name a few. Throughout my time working as a financial advisor, I have learned and seen how finances can cause stress, conflict and loss of focus. One aspect of my job that I enjoy is the ability to help people work through their financial issues and concerns and to bring guidance and comfort.

While you have trusted us with helping you with your finances, we want you to know that we care about you and your entire life. Therefore, Vicki and I would like you to know that we would welcome the opportunity to pray for you pertaining to any area in your life that you would like to share with us. f you have a request for prayer, you may call, email or write them down and mail them to us. Additionally, we are placing a box in our reception area and you may place prayer requests in there as well. Take comfort in knowing that all requests will be gathered each night, receive prayer and be kept private.

I realize that some people might feel uncomfortable sharing their requests. That is alright. Whether you would like to share or not, it won't impact our relationship or desire to help you with your financial questions or goals. I simply wanted you to know that we are willing to pray for you if and when you need it.