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E R V I N G   I N D I V I D U A L S,   C O U P L E S,   F A M I L I E S   &   B U S I N E S S  O W N E R S

Now that you've reached your next level of success, you need solutions.  Life and finances are more complicated.  You know there is more you should consider but you don't know where to start.

Financial Inter-dependence

  • Your taxes, estate, insurance, loans and investments are all interconnected.
  • You need someone who will make sure it is all working together for your best future.

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Is Our Approach Right For You?

Our 3-step process considers all aspects of your finances across seven life dimensions.

Welcome to Our Family Office!

Welcome to Our Family Office!

Kristin and I have owned Sherpa Financial Advisors since 2010.  While some couples would find it difficult to work alongside their spouse, we have always had a great working relationship and love this aspect of our life together.  Even our three children have been part of our business, coming in over the years to help with filing, shredding and organizing!  

Owning a family office makes our time with our clients feel personal.  Many of our clients we also consider friends and enjoy hearing about all aspects of their lives. We invite you to come in and meet us in person!

- Mike Spieler, Owner & President

Sherpa Financial Advisors is a family owned business and has been operating in Orange County for over 40 years.  We serve more than 150 households nationwide and manage over $60 million in assets. 

<strong>An Alliance of Advisors</strong>

An Alliance of Advisors

Sherpa is part of a community of independent advisors who collaborate together to share ideas and brainstorm solutions. As a registered representative with the Strategic Financial Alliance, we have a team of people behind us to help ensure we are well equipped to support our clients’ goals.

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<strong>Beyond Sherpa</strong>

Beyond Sherpa

We believe we are blessed so that we may be a blessing to others. Thus, we choose to give a portion of our time, talents and finances to a variety of local and global organizations.

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<strong>Why We Do What We Do</strong>

Why We Do What We Do

At the end of the day, if we don’t know why we are doing something then it begins to feel meaningless. Our most rewarding goal at Sherpa Financial Advisors is to help you figure out the WHY behind your financial plans.

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