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Our Wealth Management Process

A Collaborative Working Relationship


Our Wealth Management Process is designed to help our clients make educated decisions about their finances and achieve all that is important to them. To accomplish this, we seek to act in a role that is somewhat like our clients’ personal CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and help provide the information they need to make decisions from a position of knowledge. This can help our clients avoid the emotional mistakes--so often made by investors--that can compromise their long-term financial security.

Through our disciplined and consultative process, we develop a deep understanding of your goals and objectives, concerns and aspirations for you and your family. We make a serious commitment of time and resources to each client by working closely and collaboratively with other professional advisors including attorneys, CPAs, mortgage professionals and insurance specialists, to address a broad range of challenges and opportunities unique to your family. This coordination is an important, though frequently overlooked, component to achieving financial success and is what can make working with Sherpa unique and more effective. 

Our Wealth Management Process consists of the following phases:

Discovery Meeting - Our time together will be focused on gaining an in-depth understanding of all aspects of your life situation including financial, social, emotional, familial, etc. so that we can make appropriate investment recommendations and later guide our professional team (consisting of an estate attorney, CPA and potentially other specialists based on your unique situation) in providing advanced planning recommendations.

Investment Plan Meeting - We will review your Total Client Profile which will be developed from the information gathered during the Discovery Meeting.  Additionally, we will provide a summary of your current portfolio and our investment recommendations - including four key drivers of investment success: return, risk, costs and taxes.  This meeting will also include an overview of our wealth management process, a brief description of our fees, and our firm's background and investment philosophy.

Mutual Commitment Meeting - This meeting will address any additional questions you may have after reviewing the information from the Investment Plan Meeting and, if mutually agreed upon to work together, we will execute all the contracts needed to begin.

Regular Progress Meetings - These will be scheduled quarterly, bi-annually or yearly based on your needs or preference and will provide the foundation for continuing to build our relationship while working towards maximizing your probability of achieving your goals.  One of these meetings may include an in-depth review of your Advance Plan.  The Advanced Plan is a comprehensive evaluation of your unique financial situation developed by the Advance Planning Professional Team, including recommendations moving forward.